5 June 2024


What is the iWorkinSport Job Fair?

That’s the place where recruiters from the most renowned organisations in the sport industry interview candidates seeking to start or accelerate their careers in sport.


Recruiters from some of the most renowned sports organisations have the opportunity to meet talented candidates from all over the world in one place, in one day.


The iWorkinSport Job Fair is open to anyone looking to launch or advance their sports career. You will benefit from exclusive job opportunities and one-on-one interactions with recruiters. Students and alumni from our Academic Partners may qualify for special conditions to attend the event.

Relive the iWorkinSport Job Fair 2023

In a very simple and effective way, the iWorkinSport Job Fair offers the perfect platform for organisations to scout some of the best talent looking for opportunities in the sports industry.

Here is How it Works


Recruiters will announce, in advance, positions for which they will be interviewing at the event. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to apply in advance via the event's website.


Recruiters will select candidates they would like to interview and invite them to join them at their booth at the Fair at a designated time for a 20-minute job interview.


Recruiters will then follow up directly with the candidates, without any intermediary.


Confirmed in 2024


The iWorkinSport Job Fair consists of 2 days:

Day 1 is a Workshop and VIP Dinner - open EXCLUSIVELY to Recruiters and Academic Partners;

Day 2 is the actual Job Fair - open to all registered to attend.

The Job Fair consists of two main activities running in parallel:

1- the Exhibition, where the interviews, meetings and networking opportunities take place;

2- the Conference, where delegates can attend extremely interesting and useful panel discussions and company presentations.

See below the Programme of both days - June 1st, which is exclusive to Recruiters and school representatives; and June 2nd, the actual Job Fair:


Click on the button below to purchase a ticket to attend the iWorkinSport Job Fair.
Only a limited number of tickets is available.

The regular retail ticket price is CHF 450 + VAT.
Online ticket: CHF 95

Current students and alumni of our Academic Partners are entitled to benefits such as highly discounted tickets (occasionally even free ones).

Check the list of Academic Partners to see if you are entitled to a special discount. If so, get in touch with your academic programme administration to request a promo code.

The ONLINE ticket provides you access to the ONLINE content (live stream from the auditorium) of the iWorkinSport Job Fair, on June 5th, 2024. 

Additionally, Online ticket holders will be able to apply for job interviews with every recruiting company.

IMPORTANT disclaimer: 

Please note that:

  • interviews with attendees online may be scheduled for a date other than the day of the Job Fair (5 June)

  • The event organiser does not guarantee to any attendee of the job fair (in-person or online) that they will successfully book a job interview with any recruiter exhibiting at the event. The decision to book an interview (or not) with any candidate lies entirely with the exhibiting companies. 

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